Brian Holmes



I love what I do. That’s the reason I’ve been doing it for more than 25 years.

I love that I’ve been able to help so many amazing people, organisations and causes raise millions of dollars. I love that I meet so many remarkable people with a spirit of generosity. I love that every day I get to help successful people become significant people by expanding their philanthropic experience.

The industry recognition of our success is valued but tomorrow morning I get another opportunity to make a significant difference by bringing big givers and wonderful causes together again. That’s what I love.

Craige Gravestein


Chief Big Gifts

There are not many people who get the chance to help the homeless, find a cure, save the planet or feed and clothe millions of the world’s poorest people.

As ‘Chief Big Gifts’, I’ve spent the past 25 years facilitating and raising hundreds of millions of dollars in partnership with hundreds of not-for-profits. The success of that work has contributed to transformational changes in healthcare, education, animal welfare, religious and social services. Passing that experience on to others ensures it lives on.

Having the money empowers others to act. My passion is seeing high net worth individuals experience the joy of giving and the fruit of their hard work and generosity.

Roewen Wishart


High Value & Strategy Director

It feels personally rewarding to see the chemistry happen between great donors and great causes. I take pride in helping not-for-profits to building great fundraising teams, and great relationships between not-for-profits and significant donors. For over twenty years, I’ve helped to create the difference which transformational major gifts bring.

Smart planning, clear analysis, and committed leadership make all to the difference to an organisation’s growth. Our sector has a special place in the world to solve the hardest problems and meet the deepest needs. Passionate people, innovation and responsiveness – from the local to the global – make this possible. I enable organisations to get the resources to do this.

Dr Erica Myers-Davis

DBA, MBUS (Marketing), EFIA

Agent Provocateur

From small, local charities to large, international organisations, I use nearly two decades of fundraising and marketing expertise to find those nuggets of gold within, that help make the ordinary… extraordinary.

Like a bridge I bring together funders and visionaries together to make the world a better place for all of us.

Sandy Fuller


Senior Consultant

To assist great causes realise their dreams is a motivation in itself to be the best that I can be; to bring professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity and expertise to each new client.

For more than 10 years, I found it incredibly rewarding to work amongst truly extraordinary people in their endeavours to raise considerable funds to support their vital projects and programs:education; health; youth; arts; churches; historical preservation/rebuilds; medical research; and social service organisations are some of the diverse organisations I have been privileged to assist in my career to-date.

Marika Sisa



A passion for equity and social change is my driving force. The importance of giving back in any possible capacity is vital to seeing positive outcomes and shifts in society. I am a strong believer in giving and volunteering, and always ready to step in and put my hand up where I see a need.

Fundraising and not-for-profits are the foundations supporting and empowering communities and positive change. Having worked in the not-for-profit industry and in fundraising, it is an honour to be able to continue to be part of the change and have an impact on our world with Xponential.

Tessa Irwin



I have a passion for creating positive changes for marginalised and less fortunate people of the world. Working at Xponential offers this and so much more, helping donors connect with a huge range of organisations provides funds that are vital to the forward movement of not-for-profits. Without funding, not-for-profits cannot continue and expand their life changing work and programs.

Having worked in both not-for-profit and corporate sectors, I have found that a connection to the purpose of the organisation is very important for satisfaction in my work. It is motivating to have such purpose behind my work and to know that I am contributing to positive outcomes for those people the not-for-profits are serving.

Geoff Harrison



I’ve been working with not-for-profit organisations for over 10 years. Seeing communities thrive and charities grow is what motivates me. I love helping development teams to be better at what they do, orchestrating successful campaigns and building sustainable funding models.

Now is a great time to automate processes, increase connection with supporters and see greater results from fundraising. I’m privileged to guide and work with so many great organisations, focussing on building relationships with supporters, by creating connection and integrating systems. 

Every day that goes by, I have the privilege of helping great organisations grow and increase their impact.

Erin Holmes


Campaign Coordinator

My role with Xponential is a culmination of passion, desire to see good and professional skills learnt both locally and internationally. It is an opportunity to combine my marketing qualifications and global experience, to help ‘for purpose’ organisations have greater impact.

As long as I can remember giving has always been important part of my life. Consistent exposure to a diverse number of worthwhile causes has driven my increasing involvement in volunteer work, fundraising and personal giving. Importantly, I’ve learnt that people give to people. Today I help connect generous givers, with incredible organisations, in order to generate significant change. As a ‘people person’, is there anything that brings greater satisfaction?

Angela Prosser


Campaign Coordinator

I have always been passionate about helping others. Through volunteering for a diverse number of worthwhile causes, I developed a deep appreciation for the amazing work of not-for-profits. I now find it incredibly rewarding as a professional to be able to help such wonderful organisations achieve their goals.

My role at Xponential allows me to combine over 10 years of administrative experience, with a growing knowledge and understanding of fundraising. The only thing better than being able to help a not-for-profit or charity for a living… is being able to help a whole host of them!

Dr Murray Rees

BBus, G Dip, MBus, PhD

Research Guru

With more than 20 years of formulating and implementing studies, I believe that the use of independent scientific research significantly assists not-for-profits in achieving their goals. By understanding who, how, when to approach and most importantly why donors give, enables an efficient and effective fundraising effort.

I find my work fulfilling when our research findings directly contribute to the sustained and improved operation of our clients. I regularly receive confirmation of the value from what we do, when decision-makers discover something new about their donors and their intentions.

Andrea Lester

Office Manager

Being part of Xponential means being part of a team that enables great causes to have a greater impact.

My role is to ensure that as a professional firm we operate smoothly and efficiently. It helps our team stay focused on the best outcomes for our clients.

Systems,accounts, and compliance might not have ‘sex appeal’ but it’s all part of what makes Xponential Australia’s most successful fundraising consultancy team.