An Xponential Major Gift program is an ongoing campaign designed to attract major donors and gain their support over many years. While the level of major gift may vary from institution to institution, marketing methodology suggests that it generally ought to be targeted at amounts of $5,000+. Some have described a major gift as being of a level that makes a significant impact upon being able to achieve the cause’s mission.

Strategically a major gift program switches the marketing emphasis from an organisation’s needs to donor development. Cultivating the donor as a long-term and loyal supporter becomes the goal, rather than just raising money to fund a program.

A major gift program is not a one-time campaign in the same sense of a capital campaign. Instead it needs to be part of the annual ongoing fundraising program. The key differences between a major gift campaign and capital campaign are:

An Xponential major gift program is designed to leverage the greatest value out of an organisation’s supporter base. This is a resource that the organisation already possesses, although it is often under-utilised.

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