Xponential can deliver a thorough process that will create or update your fundraising strategy. A strategy that will inform your growth targets and help you decide where best to invest.

For organisations that have existing fundraising products and annual budget, but need a strategy to integrate the parts, a fresh, experienced view is vital.Because Xponential has worked with organisations throughout the country, you get the benefit of wide-ranging knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Outsourcing the strategy preparation gives you a broader view of both your capability and potential.

Your strategy will be based in the ‘real world’ not a theoretical dust collector. The outputs will be clear and concise and may include:

  • A clear expression of your fundraising goals, and the ultimate purpose of your fundraising
  • Recommendations on the right fundraising product mix and ROI on main products
  • The definition of your organisation’s “distinctive proposition to donors”
  • SMART objectives for your goals
  • A quantified growth model for your overall donor base (investment & revenue)
  • Capability improvements needed for execution (information, skills and systems as relevant)

Xponential brings the right broad yet targeted questions to your strategy development.You will have a realistic timeline for developing the strategy, and a final document which is practical, comprehensive, but not padded with unnecessary generalities and abstractions.

To make an enquiry about how Xponential might be able to assist you in your strategy development, please click below.