As your organisation moves through different phases of development, operations and priorities will change therefore requiring funding strategies to also change. Your fundraising plans need to be developed, adjusted and reviewed regularly. You need the support of experienced professionals.

Xponential understands the challenges that you may face, including limited access to resources, personnel and budgetary constraints.We can offer your organisation a wide range of flexible consulting services to help grow your organisation and your fundraising program. Our fees are flexible to meet your organisation’s needs. We know how to make a lot go far with very little.

You may be considering:

  • Outsourcing your fundraising, have a look out at our: Fundraising Program Management
  • Seeking help with small, medium or large projects on an once-off, ad hoc or ongoing basis. We can provide: Fundraising Counsel
  • What your donor giving potential is. We can crunch the numbers on your database to help you understand where you’re heading through our: Donor Review Reports
  • Why donors are or aren’t supporting your organisation? We can survey your donors and understand their motivations and intentions to give, who else they are supporting and why they do or don’t like you through our: Donor Market Research

In-house fundraising will often be restricted by a narrow scope of experience and skill. The Xponential team can bring specialists in fundraising strategy, donor research, grant writing, general appeals, copywriting, database management, government relations and program management to provide support or program management for your fundraising. You tap into a team of highly experienced fundraising professionals that are leaders in their field and work hard to stay that way.

Our goal is to build your fundraising program to its full potential. Our expertise and experience can help you assess your current position and identify what opportunities you have for fundraising success.

Big Thinking

Let us think big about the future of your organisation and how a successful fundraising program can make that possible. Our consultants use both quantitative and qualitative methodology to move your fundraising forward, bringing front-line fundraising experience and expertise to each engagement.

Whether you are tiny organisation run by volunteers or have a large development team, or are somewhere in-between, Xponential’s team of experienced fundraising specialists can tailor a solution to your fundraising needs.

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