When approaching the Board or Advocate’s role in fundraising, for many years organisations have tried to unsuccessfully revolutionise their volunteer engagement with the US catchphrase “Give, get or get off.” It simply does not work.

Xponential understands that while the Board or influential Advocates can play an important role in fundraising it is only sound advice and coaching that will bring evolution. Your volunteers must be valued for three things:

  • 1. Time
  • 2. Talent
  • 3. Treasure

Xponential has provided training workshops and executive coaching to large and small organisations across the country. From highly influential Board members through to community volunteers. Presentations, coaching sessions and facilitated workshops have included the topics:

  • An Overview of Fundraising
  • The role of the Board in Fundraising
  • How to Ask of a Big Gift
  • Being an Effective Advocate
  • How to Measure Fundraising Effectiveness

Forget text book theory, each session is brought to life with coalface experiences of what has worked and what hasn’t. We can tailor a workshop or presentation to suit your organisations individual need and culture.

To make an enquiry about how Xponential might be assist in engaging your Board/Advocates with your fundraising goals, please click below.