With the recent explosion of online fundraising, it has been suggested that direct mail is in its death throes.Far from it! Direct mail is not dying – but it’s changing.

Even in this increasingly digital world, there is still a place – and a significant place – for fundraising through direct mail.In direct mail, there is no ‘one size fits all’. What works for one organisation’s donors may work less effectively for another.

The key to success in direct mail is integration.Integration of messaging across communication platforms: from mail and email, to website and social media.

Single channel communications are a thing of the past! Xponential can work with your team to maximise results from your appeals across all channels. We will craft high-impact:

  • Direct mail appeals that integrate seamlessly with your online appeals and campaigns.
  • Inspiring stewardship letters that will engage your donors and increase pledge fulfillment
  • Social media content that tell your story and build your following

Working with digital agency affiliates and a range of design agencies, Xponential offers both one-off direct mail appeal writing, or full service, whole-of-campaign delivery.

Whether you are seeking full service, comprehensive, professional campaign management or varying degrees of professional consultancy campaign support, Xponential can tailor the right level of service to fit your requirements.

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