Xponential’s consultants are experienced fundraising professionals, with all-round experience in building a fundraising program. We bring an in-depth understanding of how the elements of a cohesive fundraising program work together, and in-depth knowledge of what will work for you. Your strategy will be based in practical understanding of real-world fundraising, not theories.

Xponential brings Australia’s best track-record in the highest return forms of fundraising – big gifts and gifts in wills. We can show you how you can secure these now or in the near future.

Why is Strategy Essential?

Fundamental to an organisation’s ability to achieve fundraising success is its ability to plan effectively for its future. Organisations that fail to completely understand their strategic goals will also fail to optimise their funding potential.If an organisation spends 100% of its time focusing on the day to day operations, how do you determine the focus for the next week, month, year, and the years beyond? To create the future, time and effort must be spent planning. Donors, especially those willing to invest significantly in an organisation, need to understand how an organisation will remain relevant in a quickly changing world. They need to know how an organisation identifies and prioritises critical needs. They want confidence in your organisation’s aspirations for funding growth.

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