Do you really know your donors? By speaking with current donors and recently lapsed donors we can better understand their motivations for giving, or reasons for no longer supporting your organisation.

Xponential considers robust and rigorous research is an essential part of planning or development work.Our expertise is in analysing findings and effectively communicating insights and strategies that will support your fundraising efforts. We offer a range of market research tools that will advise not-for-profits so they can remain relevant, impactful and sustainable.

We can survey your donors using:

  • Either or both an online/hard copy questionnaire.
  • Face-to-Face interviews
  • Stakeholder focus groups

Some of the variables we test include:

  • The donor’s relationship with your organisation
  • What do donors give
  • Why do or don’t donors give
  • When do they give
  • Other organisations they donate to
  • Profiles of likely donors to your organisation
  • Communication methods and preferred contact

We can conduct this research using your organisation’s donor list. For organisations that don’t have a donor list then we can survey the general public.

To find out more about how Xponential market research to provide valuable insights into the mind of your donors and stakeholders, please click below.