Is your organisation positioned to maximise its fundraising potential? Do you have a plan for fundraising growth? Does your fundraising strategy meet your organisational needs? How will you decide where to invest for the growth you want to achieve?

A multi-year plan makes fundraising growth possible.A plan makes annual budgeting easier and more effective. It gives Board and executive management confidence because the fundraising plan dovetails with the whole organisation’s plan.

Our Strategy services include:

In-house fundraising will often be restricted by a narrow scope of experience and skill. The Xponential team can bring specialists in fundraising strategy, donor research, grant writing, appeal copy, database management, government relations and program management to provide support or program management for your fundraising.

The future will happen. The question is whether you create the future for your organisation, or end up being created by the future.

Our expertise and experience help you assess your current position and identify opportunities. By setting strategic directions, you identify and prioritise the key areas on which to focus your resources. Xponential helps you develop fundraising strategies with a primary goal in mind – to raise more money.

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