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Every campaign should have an extensive and well researched prospect list, but how do you know exactly how many prospects you need, and the time and effort you should invest in cultivating them?

donorEZY is an easy way for you to answer these questions. Simply insert the total number of donors you require to reach your campaign target and you will automatically be equipped with a table informing you how many prospects you require at various stages of cultivation, how to qualify your prospects, and the key actions and resources required to transfer them into donors.

To determine how many donors you need to reach your campaign target visit Xponential Philanthropy’s giftEZY tool.

Note: donorEZY provides the organisation with a basic model for determining the required prospects and resources and should be used as a guide only. Organisations seeking tailored, campaign specific professional counsel should contact Xponential.

Xponential Philanthropy accepts no responsibility for actions taken as a result of the donorEZY tool.