Suspect Prospect Warm Prospect Hot Prospect Pending Decision Donor
Criteria Suspected capacity to give  Confirmed capacity to give  Link to donor established. Pathway to donor gift emerging Personal contact made with donor to confirm they are a prospect Ask made. Subject to decision making process Gift confirmed in writing
Prospect Status   General Cultivation Focussed Cultivation Ready to be asked. Dollar amount known Presentation made Gift closed
Number of Prospects
Resource - Key Task Suspects subjected to initial research to quality their capacity to give Mini donor profiles to be prepared through internet and networks Comprehensive donor profiles to be researched and validated through internet, networks, personal contact Asking presentations to be made with campaign volunteers (centres on influence) Multiple meetings queries and negotiations to gain positive decision Stewardship of donors for pledge period to ensure the fulfillment of their pledge
Resource - Time Quarter hour per suspect One hour per prospect Half day per prospect Half day per prospect Half day per prospect Half day per donor spread over pledge period
Resource Allocation - Days
            Post campaign
Total Resource Days
(excl. admin, prep)
during campaign for donor research, prospecting and asking FTE resource spread
post campaign to nurture donors and ensure pledge fulfillment days resource/year