Before a supporter or prospect will consider investing in your capital campaign or major gifts program, they must be convinced that you have a strong case for support.They need to believe in the integrity of your business case and the need must be so compelling or the solution so visionary that they will be motivated to act.

Identifying your case for support is the most critical element in the early planning phase. It will consolidate your organisation’s thinking; it will inform and inspire your leadership, and it will become the resource document for all campaign collateral.

caseEZY has been designed to measure the integrity of your case. Xponential has developed this simple, interactive tool to analyse the core components of your case against proven benchmarks in big gift fundraising. It will assess your project’s strengths and weaknesses and identify issues that may require more consideration before you move to the next step in your campaign planning.

caseEZY is a free, no-obligation, online tool that will help your organisation to develop the most effective case for support. It should only take around 20 minutes to complete and once submitted you will instantly receive a Case Readiness Report direct to your email inbox (If you do not see the report within five (5) minutes, please check your Junk Mail folder.)

NOTE:While caseEZY is an assessment tool, rather than a template for writing up your formal case for support, it may help to identify your key messages and streamline the writing process. For tailored counsel regarding your case for support contact us.

There is no cost or obligation. It is just another way Xponential is assisting you to make sound choices in your fundraising.

Welcome to Xponential’s caseEZY Organisational Self Assessment Tool (OSAT) which will involve a twenty minute investment of your time.There are seven sections to work: thirty-three questions in total.A valid email address is required for the report to be emailed to you. It is emailed to you immediately upon completion, no waiting (If you do not see the report within five minutes, please check your Junk Mail folder).

At this time you will receive an email containing two things;

  • a Survey Score (as a mark and as a percentage); and
  • an Assessment Report which will be an invaluable tool in evaluating your organisation’s Case for Support.

The recommendations of caseEZY provide the organisation with a basic assessment of case for support and may help to identify key message and streamline the writing process. These results are only as pertinent as the data fed in. Asking several people from your organisation to complete caseEZY will give you a better spread of responses from various stakeholder perspectives. Xponential Philanthropy accepts no responsibility for actions taken as a result of the caseEZY assessment.

The responses and the categories are all weighted according to a subjective formula that has been applied based on Xponential’s award winning experience with capital campaigns. To maximise the accuracy of the caseEZY OSAT, please avoid the ‘don’t know’ responses wherever practicable as this response attracts a particularly low score – lower than a ‘negative’ response.

The OSAT tool categories are not weighted evenly, nor the questions within each category.The order of the OSAT questions does not reflect weighting priority. The responses and the categories are all weighted according to a subjective formula. The caseEZY formula is the intellectual property of Xponential Philanthropy.

Most questions are scaled on a basis of ‘1 to 5’ where ‘5’ represents ‘most positive’. Where the answer can be a Yes – 5 should be selected, where the answer can be a No – 1 should be selected.