It has been proven time and time again that campaigns significantly increase their chance of success when they have the best people involved at a leadership level. Are your campaign advocates the right people for the job?

leadEZY is a quick and simple way for you to check the suitability of your prospective campaign advocate. It's a simple online questionnaire that will provide an indication of the leadership position they may be suitable for and will highlight areas which may require additional focus, giving you the confidence to proceed with the next phase of leadership recruitment. 

Simply invest 5 to 10 minutes to complete the series of questions and a Leadership Evaluation Report will instantly be emailed to you.

NOTE: leadEZY is a self assessment tool designed to help you evaluate the likely suitability of your campaign leadership. If you would like tailored, campaign specific advice contact us.

There is no cost or obligation. It is just another way Xponential is assisting you to make sound choices in your fundraising.

additional leadEZY notes

Welcome to Xponential’s leadEZY Organisational Self Assessment Tool (OSAT) which will involve a ten minute investment of your time. There are eighteen questions in total.  A valid email address is required for the report to be emailed to you. It is emailed to you immediately upon completion, no waiting (If you do not see the report within five minutes, please check your Junk Mail folder).

At this time you will receive an email containing two things;

  • a Survey Score (as a mark and as a percentage); and
  • an Evaluation Report which will be an invaluable tool in evaluating the suitability of your campaign advocates.

The recommendations of leadEZY provide the organisation with an indication of the likely suitability of a campaign advocate and highlight potential areas which may require additional consideration before leadership recruitment takes place. These results are only as pertinent as the data fed in. Xponential Philanthropy accepts no responsibility for actions taken as a result of the leadEZY assessment.

To maximise the accuracy of the leadEZY OSAT, please avoid the ‘don’t know’ responses wherever practicable as this response attracts a particularly low score

The OSAT tool categories are not weighted evenly, nor the questions within each category.  The order of the OSAT questions does not reflect weighting priority. The responses and the categories are all weighted according to a subjective formula. The leadEZY formula is the intellectual property of Xponential Philanthropy.

Some questions are scaled on a basis of ‘1 to 5’ where ‘5’ represents ‘most positive’. Where the answer can be a Yes – 5 should be selected, where the answer can be a No – 1 should be selected. 

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