about us

Imagine the difference you could make if you had what you needed…NOW! 

We can.

Xponential Philanthropy are the Big Gift Specialists raising millions of dollars for not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We thrive on Big Gift fundraising programs and have proven experience in:

capital campaigns

Does your organisation need a large amount of money for a once-off specific purpose? A Capital Campaign may be the solution.

major gifts

Does your organsation need to increase its fundraising revenue now and into the future? A major gifts program may be the answer.


Do you want to overcome your fundraising challenges? Equip every person in your fundraising program with the best skills and confidence for success.

campaign readiness assessment

Is your organisation ready to embark on a capital campaign? A feasibility study is an essential pre-campaign process formulated to answer this question.

strategic services

Is your organisation realising its true fundraising potential? A strategic assessment can help you identify opportunities for success.


We are here to help. capEZY® is our 'global first' online self assessment tool designed to assist organisations in determining if they are ready to embark on a capital campaign. Click here to test your readiness now.

Due to the popularity of capEZY® we have expanded our online tools so that we can assist more organisations over more phases of their campaign. From the case for support to assessing your leadership to making the ask, Xponential is here to help. Click here to explore our full range of tools.

Xponential is proud of producing award winning results for its clients including Best Capital Campaign, Most Outstanding Fundraising Project, Best Donor Acquisition Campaign, and Best Fundraising Marketing Campaign. 

We invite you to consider Xponential for your Big Gift campaign. Our team are professional, creative and committed to achieving your dream with integrity, results and passion. When you work with Xponential, you and your organisation achieve success.